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Volunteer doesn't just mean someone who is unemployed or retired. For Inspiring the Future, volunteers are anyone who wants to share their career story with young people by being invited into a school to speak. No matter if you're a CEO, Officer or Apprentice; if you work as an Archaeologist, Dentist, Plumber or Zoologist - you should volunteer for Inspiring the Future!

If you employ people and want to get involved in schools to talk about your career, that still makes you a volunteer. Volunteers can be anyone, of any age - who want to share with young people, raise the profile of their industry or share their passion!

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Inspiring the Future encourages employers from all sectors and professions across the country to encourage their employees to register as volunteers so they can inspire young people and share more about their career and industry.

Employers are welcome to sign up now for free and receive newsletters and updates from time to time.  Later in 2017, employers will be offered sponsorship opportunities with differing levels of privilege.  This will include uploading of the company logo to the website, a custom Volunteer Sign-Up link so that staff electing to participate are all linked to the employer’s record, the company logo appearing on staff members' profile that teachers view and the ability to monitor levels of employee involvement with ITF including feedback from school visits.  

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Associations & Professional Bodies

We aim to work closely with professional bodies and associations,helping them to embed the program in their work, encourage volunteering within their membership, promote their association and inspire young people to pursue careers in their industry. 

Registered associations can upload their logo to appear on the Inspiring the Future website. Additionally, associations can circulate a custom Volunteer Sign-Up link to members so in turn, participating members will appear in teachers’ searches as members of the Association. In the future, Associations will also be able to monitor the activity of linked volunteering members and view feedback from schools.

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Careers Advisers, Head Teachers, Classroom Teachers, TAFE teachers and more can sign up as a teacher on the Inspiring the Future platform, and invite volunteers to their career events. You won't be automatically verified as a teacher if you use any email other than your 'edu.au' address, so please use this official email to avoid delays in using the platform. Teachers who use other email addresses will be manually verified a few days later once we've completed confirmation checks. 

The opportunities for the career events and activities you can invite volunteers to are endless. Read about our suggestions here or some alternative ideas here. 

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