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An Interview with volunteer Gai Hawthorn

18 April 2017

We caught up with Gai Hawthorn, a volunteer from our National Launch, to hear her thoughts on ITF and the activity she participated in. Could you give a brief overview of your career and what made you...

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How did you turn out after school?

16 March 2017

Very few people have a ‘dream run’ at career success. For most, their story involves hard work, extra study, recognising and acting on opportunities and overcoming set-backs with resilience and persev...

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5 Ideas for Alternative ITF Events

06 March 2017

Invite volunteers to help with a related projectInspiring the Future volunteers have a multitude of skills in different areas, and have real industry experience they could show your students. Perhaps ...

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It's easy to spread the word!

27 February 2017

Do you know people who could spare one hour this year to talk about their job and career journey?Help inspire and motivate young people by signing up and spreading the word today! Ask your employer, c...

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Inspiring the Future to Launch on April 3rd

26 February 2017

It's been a great start to the national Inspiring the Future campaign. In the first 3 weeks we have had 14 Associations join up and volunteers are signing up at around 6 per day! We have volunteers fr...

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