Inspiring the Future Australia also plans to run a number of campaigns and themed weeks encouraging employers and volunteers from specific sectors, professions and demographics to sign-up and be invited by schools and colleges to engage with their young people. These include:

Primary Futures Australia

In 2017, Inspiring the Future Australia will be open to primary schools under the name Primary FuturesAustralia.

Primary Futures Australia aims to raise aspirations by helping primary aged children understand the link between learning in school and the world of work, to motivate them to improve their academic performance . The ask of volunteers is the same, with a commitment of one hour a year to talk to young people, and we have added new activities of reading and number partners which are specifically aimed at the primary school audience. See highlights of the UK program here.

Inspiring Futures for Young Women            


Within the UK, the national Inspiring Women campaign already has over 20,000 amazing women ready to talk with girls in schools about the ‘job they do’ and route they took. The purpose is to raise aspirations and break down job gender stereotypes which are evident from age 6. Inspiring Futures for Young Women Australia will launch in 2017.


Running year round campaigns in secondary schools and colleges, encouraging them to invite current and former apprentices to talk with young people about what an apprenticeship is, its benefits and how you apply for one.   

Designed and Made 

Themed events encourage schools and colleges to invite volunteers that design and make things, from T-shirts to planes, furniture to glassware, to give students insights into a range of career options in this huge and fascinating arena in which Australia excels.

Inspiring Languages

This campaign is to encourage language teachers to invite volunteers using languages in their job to talk with school and college pupils to bring classroom learning to life. See the UK’s practical guide to Inspiring Languages: Inspiring Languages pamphlet (PDF)

We are also currently planning with partners to deliver a number of other campaigns tailored to local needs across Australia.