Our Australian  Partners

To ensure the success of Inspiring the Future – Australia, Schools Industry Partnership plans to work collaboratively with a wide range of partners from the government, education, business and community sectors. It will be essential to also engage the support of senior representatives of leading peak organisations and agencies representing education and employment, as well as the main employer and workforce representative bodies in Australia, in order to build understanding of relationships between education and the community and to enable greater and more effective collaboration. 

If you would like to be kept up to date on the program’s progress and/or if you may be interested in becoming involved in any way, please contact us  

Our current Australian partners are;

Department of Education NSW

The Department of Education in NSW is a foundation sponsor of Inspiring the Future Australia, currently  supporting the campaign launch in Western Sydney.

North Adelaide State Secondary Schools'Alliance (NASSSA)

NASSSA is a confederation of ELEVEN schools in Northern Adelaide. It was formed to maximise the learning opportunities, career pathways, retention and educational outcomes for all students in alliance schools in northern Adelaide. By collaborating, combining resources and mobilising community and industry support across all alliance schools, NASSSA aims to improve outcomes for all students. NASSSA is focused on identifying and supporting educational innovation so that students in alliance schools successfully transition from school to employment, training and further education. NASSSA is a key link between schools and community, university, Registered Training Organisations and industry partners across northern Adelaide.

Australian Schools Industry Partnership (Aussip)

The Australian Schools Industry Partnership (AusSIP) is a non-profit business that identifies, fosters and supports a range of quality opportunities that engage the local community in the successful transition of all our young people to a productive adult life. It is currently funded by the NSW Government to manage and provide work placements for Year 11-12 students from Parramatta to the Northern Beaches.  AusSIP is a foundation delivery partner for Inspiring the Future Australia within its current service region.

Our International Partners

Schools Industry Partnership has recently partnered with the UK based Education and Employers charity to run their Inspiring the Future program across Australia, Building on the program's success in the UK

About Education & Employers charity

The Education and Employers charity was launched on the 15th October 2009 with the aim of ‘ensuring that every school and college has an effective partnership with employers to provide its young people with the inspiration, motivation, knowledge, skills and opportunities they need to help them achieve their potential and so to secure the UK’s future prosperity’.

The charity works to achieve this by working in close partnership with leading national bodies representing schools, colleges and employers.


(UK) Inspiring the Future Annual Review 2013-14

Following international interest, Employers Education charity is currently considering how to respond to sharing its technology and practical experience.

For more details please see:   http://www.educationandemployers.org/about-the-charity/international/