Employers: Designed & Made Week

Do you design or make things? We need you!

As part of the Inspiring the Future Australia program which aims to give young people insights into different careers and raise their aspirations we plan to run a special week in 2017 focusing on careers in design and manufacturing. To celebrate great Australian design and manufacturing we want to encourage far more young people to explore careers in these important economic sectors which employs millions of people in our country.

Surveys show that manufacturing simply fails to register on the career aspirations of young people. With new technologies being used in Australia and many businesses being on the cutting edge of technological change, we need to make sure that young people know that there are futures to be had in designing and making things.

Throughout the week people who design and make: airplanes, bicycles, boats, books, cars, ceramics, clocks, clothes, furniture, glassware, high-tech engineering, jewellery, mobile apps, shoes, textiles, websites or whatever requires good design and craftsmanship will visit schools and colleges across the country talking to young people.

During Designed & Made Week, businesses and professional bodies interested in promoting careers in design and manufacturing will be invited to register on the Inspiring the Future Australia portal, to encourage their staff (especially young apprentices) and/or members to register as volunteers and perhaps even to sponsor local Deigned and Made events across Australia to promote their company and profession.

Schools will also be encouraged to sign up on the Inspiring the Future Australia portal if they would like to run their own Designed & Made Week event/s and to search for and invite volunteers who design and make things to visit and chat to their students.

If you would like to be involved in Designed and Made Week in any way, including sponsorship, please contact us.