Secondary: Career Insights

Inspiring the Future Australia gives guidance to volunteers about what they might cover in career insight talks. These are not meant to be formal careers lectures; rather they are insights into a job or profession from ‘an insider’ who can share their experience.

Volunteers giving a career insight talk to young people in a school or college are encouraged to address the following:

  • What they do. They might talk through ‘an average day’.
  • What education route they took. University? College? Apprenticeship? Learnt on the job?
  • What advice would they give young people hoping to get into the field now?

We have produced this guide to help teachers use Inspiring the Future Australia volunteers effectively and creatively.  

Practical Guidance for Schools and Colleges  (Powerpoint presentation)

Easy Steps to ‘Speed Career Dating’ and ‘Career Insight’ events

This short booklet gives teachers advice and ideas for how to use Inspiring the Future Australia volunteers and organise activities for students in their school or college.