Secondary: Inspiring languages


Inspiring the Future Australia provides a quick and easy way for schools and employers to connect. 

Volunteers who use languages in their jobs are encouraged to register with us so they be contacted and invited by schools to talk to pupils.

This includes lawyers, civil servants, engineers and psychologists, using their languages in organisations ranging from Airlines to Save the Children, from PR companies to banks.

Languages can include French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, Urdu, and many more.

The volunteers will be happy to take part in whatever activities you organise, whether it’s a whole school assembly, a session as part of multi-cultural celebrations, to judge competitions or to talk to small groups of pupils – it’s up to you.

“Inviting working professionals into schools to give pupils first hand insights into the breadth of the jobs market and its recruitment demands is a great example of the sort of good practice that Ofsted expects schools to include when providing young people with effective independent careers guidance.” Karen Adiaanse HMI, National Lead for Careers Guidance, Ofsted UK

Read our user friendlyInspiring Languages Pamphlet