Here are some useful free resources about education and employers working together to help primary school pupils.

How to use volunteers in a Primary School

This short guide has been developed by primary school teachers to help other primary school teachers and staff think about new ways to use employee volunteers in the classroom and gives tips and suggestions on how to use volunteers to enrich the primary curriculum

Please download the guide  here:  (PDF)

Guide to running a Primary Futures ‘What’s my Line’ event

Easy steps to running a primary futures What’s My Line event  (PDF)

A guide for Primary school leaders on working with employers and volunteers Read

guide (PDF) for some useful insights into planning your Primary Futures activities.

A device for volunteers The following guide may be helpful to you as a volunteer: 

Top tips for volunteers presenting in primary schools

Read this one-pager to ensure that you get the maximum number of invitations from schools and colleges. ‘‘Top Tips for Volunteers’ (PDF)

There are a number of other resources available to volunteers on the Inspiring the Future Australia home page under the ‘Resources’ tab