Event Spotlight: What is Career Speed Networking?

Engage students and provide them with a holistic understanding of the world of work

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What are career speed networking events?

Career speed networking events involve a range of volunteers coming together to chat to groups of young people about their jobs. The aim is to introduce young people to a wide range of jobs that are available to them, broadening their horizons and encouraging them to aim high. Students sit in groups around tables or in circles of chairs, and volunteers rotate around the room talking to each group for 8-10 minutes. Students are given a list of questions to guide them to find out about each volunteers different job and career story.    

What kind of questions can be asked by students?

There is a sheet of questions on our resource page that gives some question ideas for students, but this is not what they are limited to. Teachers, encourage students to ask questions that give them a holistic idea of the persons career or experience.

Volunteers, if you don't want to answer something, think of a diplomatic way to answer the question and move the conversation along. Students aren't trying to catch you out, simply getting an understanding of your industry and career experience. 

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Want to make the event a success?

 We've got all the information you need! Find our resources for a successful Speed Career Networking Event below. 

Student Questions

Event Guide

Volunteers: What to Expect