Young people need to know how social media impacts their career

Can you share expertise about social media and personal brand?

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On the 1st of May, careers advisers in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains met together. A recurring theme within the conversation was that of social media and personal branding.While the advice of careers advisers is well-informed and accurate, the delivery for young people often falls short. 

Do you have any expertise in social media and personal brand to share?

Young people want to hear about real career experiences; challenges, knowledge and advice from experienced people who have been there. If you have experience or expertise in this area please contact us or add it to your Inspiring the Future profile. 

What kind of information or experience do young people want to know about?

In this age of online, young people need to know more and more about how to position themselves online, and what not to do in terms of their future careers. 

This could include advice, experience or resources about:

  • What is personal brand?

  • How to brand yourself online 

  • Why does social media matter to employers?

  • The longevity of what you post online

Or other topics that you believe pertinent for them to know.  

Contact us today or add your interest or expertise to your profile!
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